Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Remodeling (Ugh) and Katrina

It does't seem to end, does it? I started out the day by painting the two smaller bedrooms. I have to admit: they do look better painted. Cathy then got a call from Ashley, who is avilable to help tomorrow. So, instead of painting the master bedroom, I finished priming the living room and the hallway. That'll give Ashley two large rooms, the hallway and the dining room to paint. And there's still closets, too...

All the time I was painting, I listened to something. I listened to my Hebrew class from Monday once, then I listened to Skillet's worship album (a real steal at $10). I tried listening to KWVE's sermons for a while, but I turned it off after 20 minutes when a pastor started quoting Greek. Then I recited the Hebrew alphabet for a while.

I am so glad that Ashley can come help. I don't know how much she'll get done, but everything will help. Whew... I looking forward to going to the office tomorrow, just to relax a little!

I read about the devastation that hurrican Katrina is wreaking... I hope my brother Ted is doing O.K.... if you want to help, try Samaritan Purse or CRC World Relief or the Red Cross.

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