Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Cathy!

I've got a few minutes before the show so a quick note seemed appropriate.

It had been a great weekend; we celebrated Cathy's birthday at her favorite rib place the night before and went to SeaWorld on the actual day.

The weekend was full of surprises though... First, my mom called to tell me that she fell and broke her arm. I knew this day would come. I think we'll be OK this time.

By the time I got off the phone with mom we had no chance of making it to church on time, so we went to the only church nearby that had a 11 o'clock service, a nearby Baptist church. Suffice it to say I will not be doing that again anytime soon. It may warrant a post of its own.

The rest of Sunday went well. We soon dropped off Chica at Rhonda's and had dinner at Newport Ribs, then watched the Twilight movie, Eclipse. We had a great time.

There was another surprise though... when I tried to order tickets for SeaWorld it didn't give me my tickets, but did charge the bank twice. That meant we couldn't get here at at park opening, but it worked out though. They comped us the tickets for the day and gave us preferred seating for the day, so we still got to see everything on time.

Well, the show's about to start...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hug your cat

I just read about Liz Dean's cat, Diablo, passing away, and it brought tears to my eyes. Liz's description of her relationship with Diablo struck a cord with me, and reminded me much of my own cats.

If you know me you know I love our cats. We refer to them very affectionately as our 'furkids' and I've probably spent more money on them than I have on myself in the past 10 years, both for healthcare and for toys and stuff.

Liz asked the reader to give their cat a hug. I do that just about every day, but I think I'll hug them a little tighter when I get home tonight.