Thursday, August 04, 2005

Slab Leak, Part VII - Yeah!

Thursday, 08/04/2005, close to noon (see a pattern?) I met with the tech from L&D Plumbing, sent by our insurance company. He asked what the problem seemed to be; I told him I could have a slab leak. He proceeded to use similar equipment to Adee Plumbing inside each apartment and soon concluded there is no slab leak. He did suspect that apartment three's refrigerator might be leaking water, but that he could not determine if that was the case. After checking the pipes and the fridge, he's not convinced the fridge is leaking, but we don't have another suggestion at this point. He would update the insurance adjuster, who would contact me.

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I now felt confident there was no slab leak. I called Old Republic, who indicated our claim was denied because Gennaro's said we had multiple slab leaks caused by acidic water. Acidic water? They never saw running water, let alone tested any water, so how would they know? I complained, and they said I was welcome to send them a second opinion. If you were considering a home warranty company, stay far, far away from Old Republic.


  1. Hi Lee & Cathy! Haven't read a post from you in a while... Hope everything is going OK with the leak. See ya Sunday!