Monday, August 22, 2005

Keep Up: Our Past Week

This last week, Cathy and I have been trying to remodel apartment one in our triplex. We also made an offer on the triplex across the way (we're gluttons for punishment).

Cathy's Health
We haven't made much headway on the remodeling, though, as Cathy's Hepatitis shot makes her nausiated and gives her a low-grade fever for several days. It is worst for the first 36 hours after the shot, and the effect slowly tapers off by the end of morning of the third day. Since Cathy give herself the shot on Friday, she is usually better by the end of Monday.

Anyway, the apartment has needed a lot of work. As of now, the ceiling has been painted (some touch-up needed), the walls are spackled and ready for priming, and the floors are 1/2 sealed. The good thing is that the pet and smoke damage has been removed. I've moved the outlets and and an extension for the refrigerator. Over the course of this next week, Cathy & I will primer a room and paint it, probably one room a day. We will also finish patching the drywall, sanding, patching, sanding over the next few days. It is a LOT of work... Like doing a fixer-upper in a short period of time.

(Probable) New Job
My manager is a very good man and I have enjoyed working for him for the last eight years. He was out on vacation this past week, so I haven't had the time to sit down and discuss the offer I received. He is aware of the offer, though, and I plan to speak with him this week about it. It is probably I will be starting the new job next month.

Back to School
Tomorrow, I register for classes. I am hoping to take a class in Hebrew and a class in preaching. There are two slots for both, so I am hoping to get in on at least on of those classes. We'll have to see!

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