Monday, August 01, 2005

Slab Leak, Part IV

On Sunday, 07/31/2005, Cathy and I followed our morning routine, then went to 24-Hour Fitness and showered before grabbing breakfast (bagels and coffee) and heading off to church. It was a great message from an elder in our church; I was truly challenged to get more involved again and I felt refreshed. After the service I called Old Republic again (since they failed to call me back), and they indicated they had found a contractor who would be contacting me, most likely on Monday (same-day emergency not withstanding). We went to a church fellowship potluck, had a good time and then headed home early. Cathy was feeling worn out from all the upheaval, which is why we left early. After we got home, Cathy actually felt worse; I think the wet carpet was getting to her as she is sensitive to mold.

Monday morning, 08/01/2005 came and I called for an update from Old Republic. They had assigned the call to Gennaro's Plumbing; they'll contact the plumber and call me back. After hearing nothing by noon, I called again and got Gennaro's number and called them myself. I discovered that Old Republic had failed to tell Gennaro's that it was an emergency, so they had scheduled me for Tuesday! Unfortunately, it was too late to reschedule people. I called Old Republic to complain, and was told that I would get a call back within the hour (yeah, right...).

I continued to remodel apartment one by pulling out more kitchen cabinets. Even though the water was off, I shut off the angel stops for the kitchen sink. The floor was pretty gross; I'm not sure if that was from the accumulated dirt or if previous water damage had caused some discoloration. Our tenant in number three needed to take a bath, so I turned on the water for 30 minutes; Cathy took the opportunity to clean up a bit as well. Afterwards I found a new wet spot in our office... I found water on the floor in the kitchen of apartment one. This is a mystery, since I turned off the angle stops under the sink; I figure that one of the angle stops was faulty. We cleaned up the water and went to bed... ugh, could anything else go wrong?

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