Friday, August 26, 2005

Cathy's Treatment and Disability

Cathy's treatment is affecting her health poorly. She get nauseated easily, gets dizzy frequently, has weird pains, tires easily and generally feeling poorly.

She gives herself a shot of peginterferon alpha-2b on Fridays, and every morning and evening she takes a pill of ribavirin with food. After her shot kicks in, she gets feverish and feel sick. It wears off, but tends to get worse after she takes on the pills. So, she feel sick all weekend and feel poor all week.

Cathy has been unable to drive for most of this last week. After staying home for two days, she decided to look into going on disability. That process is now almost completed, and Cathy has been staying home all of this week. Financially, we'll be able to float this for a while. For the first month or so, we won't really feel the decrease in our income.

Surprisingly, Cathy has not been bored out of her skull from staying home. I think she feels too cruddy to be bored. Fortunately, we purchased a computer jigsaw program a couple of weeks ago. Cathy can do jigsaws for hours on end; it will keep her from going mad staying home! The cute cats help calm Cathy's nerves, too.

This is a difficult time for her. I'm holding up O.K., I believe.

We'll keep you updated. I've been rather busy with the changes around the house, so my posts are not the amusing tidbits I had become accustomed to posting. I'll try to rekindle the spark!

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