Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Saturday of Remodeling

I spent the entire day preparing to paint. Our former tenant in apartment one was a smoker, so I am using oil-based primer to prepare the walls; it takes care of any smoke damage from over the years.

I had threaded the black iron pipe for the gas line this morning, but the rest will have to wait until I finish the drywall. Cathy felt well enough to help out and patch a little dryway, and even a little paint. But she got worn out very quickly and had to go back to the house. When I came home about three hours later, she had just woken up. She is unhappy about being unable to help out more, but I feel confident that God will work things out.

What is strange about painting is that it is not difficult work, or at least it is not difficult when done in stages. However, painting is time-consuming. Since I have to wait two hours between the primer and the paint, it would take me almost five hours to do a single room. I decided to apply primer to all three bedrooms today; tomorrow I plan on applying paint to the three bedrooms.

Ugh! One of the bedrooms was painted dark grey! I'm not sure one coat of primer is going to take care of that! We'll have to see; perhaps someone's teenager went through a gothic phase?

Cathy seems worn out and gets too hot easily; other than that, I think she is doing O.K. We're going to try going to chruch tomorrow, so we'll see how she holds up. As for me, I'm so glad to be off my feet that I am very, very content.

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