Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hebrew "Vowels"

Hebrew Vowels are confusing, but I'm learning them anyway... I learned some Hebrew vowels today... our Hebrew grammar is using a five-vowel system instead of the three-vowel system my teacher prefers.

At first glance, 17 vowels sounds bad, but there's a pattern emerging for me. For example, all the "a" vowels have a horizonal line, either a Patach or a Qamet, while all the "e" vowels have two horizontal dots plus something, like the Tsere or the Seghol.

Yeah, it is about as complicated as it sounds, although it does begin to make sense after a few hours. Just chapter one had me scared with phrases like "Begadkephat". Fortunately, there are only 23 consonants and only six actual vowels with variations, from what I can tell.

Sigh... I'll have to know them all by Labor Day.

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  1. *gulp*...sounds like you need prayer! ;o) I know you can do it though - if anyone can learn the entire Hebrew alphabet in a few days, you can Lee!