Sunday, August 14, 2005

What's New with the Joneses

It has been almost two weeks since I last posted... that's a record of some kind.

Let's see... on the health front things are moving right along. I went to the Vascetomy Class at Kaiser Permanente, where I learned that a vascetomy is an elective procedure that nobody can make me do. I also learned that a vascetomy is considered permanent, and nobody can make me get one. Also, reversing a vascetomy has a 50/50 chance, and I should remember that it is my choice to not get a vascetomy if I don't want to. And in case I didn't know, Kaiser wanted to let me know that a vascetomy is an elective procedure, and I don't have to get one; they really wanted to drive that point home!

Cathy finally got her appointment with the doctor to review her biopsy results. Since there is very little scarring, treatment is optional. Still, since Cathy hasn't had the Hep C for longer than two years, having scarring may mean that the virus is rather agressive. Cathy elected to do the treatment, and the doctor started her treatment this Friday! We'll know in three months if the treatment works. Boy, KP does not waste any time, huh?

The shots and pills are making Cathy feel sick and she is experiencing flu-like symptoms. Cathy ran a fever Friday through today for a few hours after each dose she took. The fever would wear off, but the next dose would give her a fever again. Also, the medication affects her senses; things are not tasting as good, smells are stronger (and less pleasant), and Cathy is having trouble hearing me speak. It may be a long three months for her...

We also got our DSL service activated on the 11th. So, I'm online at home now, too. I'll probably leave the laptop running to stay signed in to Yahoo! Messenger whenever I'm available. It gives my friends like Ted more chances to stay in touch. I also discovered LaunchCAST, but I just began using it, so I'll say more when I save something to say.

Classes start in two weeks (I'm hoping to take Hebrew), so I have to finish remodeling quickly! While my lovely wife lay in bed with her cure-induced fever, my cousin Michael came to help me with some remodeling. We filled his Ford Pickup (is there another truck?) with two loads of remodeling trash and took them to the Orange County landfill... what an experience!

On a final note... it seems like everybody I know is getting a new job. Congrats to Micah on the UPS job; I can already picture him in brown shorts! My counsin Michael goes full time in industrial maintenance starting September 1st, my friend Ray is getting a job at the city of Cypress, and my friend Steve Van Zwienen is starting at Lowes. Even I got a offered another job... which I have to seriously consider. I cannot say much more except that I really love my job, and it'd be difficult to imagine not working primarily in I.T. I've got a week to respond to the offer... please consider that a prayer request.

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