Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurrican Katrina and a New Orleans Survivor Blog

I had previously mentioned places you can donate to help with Hurricane Katrina relief. Just so you know, Samaritan Purse is already on location and on the job.

If you want to see how things are in downtown New Orleans, try reading this blog. It's a tech who works at an ISP, and is trapped in the building. There's a link to a web cam on the page as well as photos, if you are so inclined.

The Red Cross is still staging equipment, but if you want to donate to the Red Cross, Lowes Home Improvement is matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $1 million; locate a Lowes store here.

While this may seem unimportant to some, if I were in New Orleans, I would hope that somebody would rescue my pets, so don't forget about the Humane Society.

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  1. Lee, I heard about this place yesterday - whenever someone wants to give, this organization provides good assessments. They have many links right now for Katrina. - a unbiased assessment of organizations out there

    As we all keep prayin ...