Monday, August 29, 2005

Event-Filled Sunday

Elder Jeff preached today out of the Book of Daniel; it was very good. After church, Cathy felt good enough that we went to the church potluck and had some excellent ribs and baked beans; there was plenty of other food, but that is what really stuck in my memory!

While we were at the potluck I mentioned needing to get home and paint. It turns out that Ashley likes to paint, and has some time on Tuesday! Cathy hired her on the spot as she has seen Ashley's room (and Cathy approves!).

So I spent the rest of the afternoon until 10 P.M. preparing the aparment for paint. There was still drywall to be repaired, and the gas pipe had to be finished before the drywall. So I finished the gas plumbing and tested for leaks; none, thank God! Cathy worked for about 15 minutes and showed me how to connect the drywall. The walls are now all patched, although some sanding and another layer will be necessary. I reapplied primer to the "dark" room, so hopefully that is sufficient.

While resting at home, Cathy did more reading, some puzzles, and took my job's entrance exam. Yes, my job has an entrance exam! I'll have to speak more on it when I get Cathy's results back. She is not applying for a job; rather, she is just curious about it as so many people are not making it past the first interview at my office.

Ugh... I'm tired, though. Gotta sleep...

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