Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Slab Leak, Part VI - I'm Confused!

Close to noon I got a call from Adee Plumbing. I met Danny the slab guy; he's been doing slabs for 13 years. He gave me a quote for re-piping ($15,000 !!!) and voiced his doubt that I had three slab leaks. He took out a very sophisticated-looking piece of equipment and placed it against the plumbing inside the house. Any leaks would be detectable from an angle stop inside the apartment. He turned on the main and tested all three apartments before concluding there is no leak! Danny found that the toilet in apartment one was stuck on, it would overflow and would simply not stop. He thinks that caused the problem in our office and bedroom, although it is a mystery how it could have got to Apatment Three.

That would be great news, of course! Except now I am confused... either Danny is right (no leak) or Franco is right (two or three leaks). Danny insists that you can detect one leak for sure, and you can speculate on the possibility of a second leak, but you cannot pinpoint two leaks at once, let alone three. Maybe Franco from Gennaro's Plumbing was trying to soak me for some serious money, I'm not sure...

I updated our insurance adjuster, who told me that his tech would be contacting me as well. I arranged for a Thursday visit from the insurance tech. I had not heard from Old Republic (seeing a pattern here...) so I called them. They indicated they would call Gennaro's Plumbing and get their report and call me back. Jack Stephen, the owner of Adee Plumbing, called me; he expected me to happy (no slab leak) instead of confused. I suppose he's right, but I was afraid to believe in such good news.

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