Saturday, August 13, 2005

Slab Leak VIII - Conclusion

I replaced several angle stops in the apartment that the plumbers indicated were trouble. That fixed the problem, and the water main has been on for days so I am very confident there is no slab leak.

The restoration company picked up their equipment on Friday 08/05/2005 and I was supposed to hear from Allied. I had to call and follow up, but last week I finally got the claim adjuster to come out on Thursday. He took pictures, wrote up some notes and taped a statement from me. In about a week they'll be sending us a check. The repair from the damages are entirely up to us, though; I'll have to hire someone or do the repairs myself.

I've posted several more Slab Leak Parts (Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII) on the dates the events actually transpired. I know, I'm back-posting... shame shame. But it seemed to make more sense than one long post to try to catch everybody up.

It appears I'll need to patch some holes, replace the carpet in aparment one (it's pretty old anyway) and paint. I finished tearing out the cabinets already, and today I had help clearing the carpeting and the trash (I'll post later on it). Next, paint and prep for a new rental! We already have two very interested familes; it must be the "pets welcome" thing.

Thanks for your prayers on this!


  1. HALLELUJAH!!!! The Lord truly does listen to the prayers of the righteous. I'm so glad to hear that there is no slab leak. I guess that's why you and Cathy seemed especially chipper at church today... ;o)

  2. Yeah, it is a good thing! Aside from the extra work, it will all work out quite well. It probably won't cost us too much as insurance will cover almost all of it. Cathy even thinks we might come out ahead if we do some of the work ourselves!