Monday, January 03, 2005

Three blood types & Noah's Ark

Cathy and I were eating breakfast at IHOP this weekend, and naturally I turned the topic of conversation to the Blood Type Diet. For type "O" the diet is mostly meat and vegetables, but the portions vary depending on your race. Depending on your type and ancestry, you might eat 4-7 portions of fish, or 5-9 portions. The BTD refers to three types of ancestry: African, Asian and Caucasian.

Note that race refers to biological aspect not in observable physical features but rather in such genetic characteristics as blood groups and metabolic processes. Thus, Caucasian does not exclusively mean 'white' or 'European' but rather 'belonging to the Caucasian race,' a group that includes a variety of peoples generally categorized as nonwhite. Depending on how you slice it, I'm either Asian or Caucasian, or both.

Anyway, that led me to wonder about why only three ancestry types, and whether there is an actual basis for this. It is interesting that most Asian languages share some similarities, and they say that if you know Chinese it is not difficult to learn Hebrew. There appears to be three major language origins (Wifey-Pooh's into Anthropology and stuff), as well. I found this interesting.

The notion of three races and languages, suggesting three original sources of the world's cultures and peoples is fascinating. It naturally caused us to think of Genesis 7:13 and the account of Noah and his three sons.

Speaking of the Flood... the Chinese word for a ship involves eight people on a boat. Go figure, huh?

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