Friday, December 31, 2004

Diets, Coke and (Caffeine-Free) Diet Coke

Wifey-Pooh's got me on a diet. It's OK, though, since I actually agreed that I'm gaining way too much weight. We're still eating out since the kitchen remodeling is incomplete, and you'd be amazed how quickly you can tire of eating out!

So, my diet's a combination of the Blood Type Diet (Dr. Dadamo) and The Maker's Diet (Dr. Rubin). It's actually pretty close to the Atkins Diet (that's right, not possessive) for me since my blood type is supposed to eat a lot of meat and vegetables. I'm just glad I am not supposed to eat vegetarian like Wifey-Pooh!

In short, the BTD says that your body absorbs and processes food differently, depending on your blood type, so you should "Eat Right 4 Your Type" which was the title of the book. There's a great resource for BTD people at

TMD essentially says that you should eat organics and "get back to the Earth." There is an emphasis on discovering why God laid out all those food laws for the Jews, and TMD does a convincing job of supporting claims that pork (for example), tends to be back for you.
That said, I'm on a new BTD/TMD diet that resembles Atkins. I'm (at least) at 250 lbs now, (although that always surprises people, I'm told I carry it well), but man my pants are getting tight around the waist! I'll be attempting to stick with the diet at least 98% of the time, and that meant giving up simple sugars even with all the Christmas stuff around. *sigh*

Which is also why I was drinking some Caffein-Free Diet Coke on my way out the door this morning. Actually, the CFDC was left from last night, but since CFDC tastes like flat ginger ale (without the ginger), it didn't seem to matter if it sat all night or not.

Except, of course, that my little princess of a cat was waiting by the door and she wanted to get close to me, probably to get her twice-a-day piggy-back ride. Off goes the CFDC, onto the couch, the wall... though I still made it to work on time.

Which brings me a round to the "what's up with" part of this entry... What is up with CFDC, anyway? It tastes like... nothing, really. I've got most of a six-pack left, but the product is either defective, or this is how it tastes! Yuck! I'm glad it was cheap, at least.

Well, I suppose I'll update my weight along the way...

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