Monday, January 17, 2005

Blakely Skye, new sink, and MLK Day

Wifey-Pooh and I see a chiropractor regularly. Our chiropractor is a graduate of the Palmer school, and uses a Thompson Chair. It's a neat adjustment chair; Clay Thompson developed the elevated headpiece that allowed adjustment with less force applied by the chiropractor. The "drop" of the Palmer-Thompson Headpiece was applied to the whole spine after 1950. It's a wonderful adjustment, and it's done wonders for my neck and my posture.

We usually meet with the Van Zwienens after church; even though we moved, we still attend our old church, and it's only about 30 minutes out of the way to see the VZs. We eat, talk, discuss philophy and religon and passages of the Bible, and, more recently, their plans to move to Florida. Since we had planned a trip to see my new niece on Sunday, we dropped in on Saturday, instead. That evening I put the sink in... sorta. I attached the vanity to the wall, cemented the counter top in place and actually got running water!

Since our church does not have an early service, we went to a church we'd never been to before. This church was larger, and they used digital projectors during the sermon, which always unnerves me for some reason.

Cathy and I spent a pleasant Sunday visiting Blakely Skye with the inlaws. She's a cute little baby girl, although still a little too new to this world to interact much with Uncle Lee. I've added a picture of here in the Friends & Family album.

I didn't get Monday off for MLK Day, oh well.

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