Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I bought the entire Cat Who series!

I bought the other 22 books of the "Cat Who..." series from at an average of $5.57 each.

I looked at several book clubs, and the best deal seemed to be The book clubs I looked at all offered hardback only. The inital cost was acceptible; I could walk away with 10 books with nothing left to buy at $5.89 each. Long term, however, the books averaged closer to $8.89 each, even when purchased in large quantities. If I wanted hardback books, I would probably have purchased the entired line of "Cat Who..." books from Mystery Guild over two membership subscriptions (subscribe, buy, get out, they want you back, buy, get back out), but Books-A-Million was still cheaper.

That'll keep Wifey-Pooh buried in reading for a while...

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