Friday, January 21, 2005

Stuff I didn't know about North Carolina

Did you know that New Bern, North Carolina is the birthplace of Pepsi? Caleb Bradham was the pharmacist that formulated Brad's Drink, which became Pepsi-Cola after 1898. They still have a bottling plant in New Bern, at 3610 MLK Blvd. Ironically, Coca-Cola has a plant at 3710.

Did you know that North Carolina was "first in flight?" Not that everybody agrees, since the Wrights apparently hail from Dayton, Ohio, which claims (probably correctly) to be the "Birthplace of Aviation". From what I read, it is now official. The debate apparently rages on, as you can see in this humorous video (requires Real Player). Here's a little more info on the Wrights themselves.

Aside from that, NC was not terribly exciting. Long, flat drives between locations, and not much to photograph, although there were an awful lot of Free Will Baptist churches. New Bern has a Super Wal-Mart! And that's about it.

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