Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why is the Sky Blue?

Wifey-Pooh and I were talking about the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Asia. After discussing how we might be able to help, and how unbelievable and distant the problem seemed, the discussion turned to the nature of reality and our perceptions. Which is what brought up the example of why the sky is blue (you probably already know), the nature of reality and the unseen, and so on.

We have some really cool conversations.

Anyway, while scientists have argued whether the Martian sky is red or blue since the Viking lander touched down in the 1970s, NASA’s Mars Exploration Program’s camera images have not helped, as you can see from these two photos (Red Sky and Not-So-Red-Sky) from the Spirit Rover, which are identical except for their color hue. This shouldn’t be a problem anymore since the Spirit Rover has a color wheel which allows adjustment of combined images from the Pancam to true color. This is the Marsdial, a fascinating (to me) sundial mounted on a Rover, which is a moving platform.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not the sky is blue on Mars (and I would like to think it is), I still need to get home at a decent time. Later!

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