Monday, January 31, 2005

Boot to the head

OK, it only feels like a boot to the head...

I am still taking classes for my master's degree. My interests are somewhat pioneering for my school, and my academic advisor and I had worked out a plan to accomplish the education I would require for my goals. Apparently, however, my path leads me through two disciplines at the university I attend, and it would require the cooperation of the head of two schools.

Since my academic advisor was the head of one school, he spoke with the head of the other school and laid out my plans and ambitions. They both agreed that my goals were worthy of pursuing, and they worked something out.

Two semesters ago I began taking classes in the second master's program. The registrar’s office was concerned with my class selections, but after discussing the issue with the various department heads my classes were allowed. This happened both semesters, and I decided that there was likely a communication problem, but I was not too concerned.

Well, this semester I went to sign up, and once again the registrar noticed that I was crossing disciplines. I had also failed to drop a class last semester (stupid me) that I never attended. The dean of the registrar got involved due to the (not) dropped class and cancelled my registration. After trading emails with a half-dozen people simultaneously, explaining that I had done this for a year now, and what the goal was, I sat back and waited to hear from somebody.

A busy couple of weeks go by. I go to NC for work, come back and play catch-up with life and my job, and noticed that, oh my, classes are beginning this week! Having received no correspondence, I emailed for an update. A short message from the dean of the registrar indicated that he had spoken with my academic advisor, who, by the way, agreed with the registrar that I could not take these classes. I was advised to go back to my original master's degree path and register for classes.

That felt like a kick to the head, or the gut, with a nice, steel-toed boot.

What I do not understand is why my advisor would agree with the registrar? He helped me develop this selection of classes, and was (marginally) involved in the last two semesters. Now it appears I may have squandered time and money toward my degree. *argh*

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