Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More on Online DVD Rentals

I previously mentioned Blockbuster's online DVD rentals in comparison to Netflix and Wal-Mart. Well, here's some updated info:
Rental Plan Cost DVDs Limit/month
Netflix 2 at a time $11.99 2 4
Wal-Mart Double Feature $12.97 2 Unlimited
Wal-Mart Standard $17.36 3 Unlimited
Blockbuster 3 at a time $14.99 3 Unlimited
Netflix 3 at a time $17.99 3 Unlimited
Wal-Mart Plus $21.94 4 Unlimited
Blockbuster 5 at a time $27.49 5 Unlimited
Netflix 5 at a time $29.99 5 Unlimited
Blockbuster 8 at a time $37.49 8 Unlimited
Netflix 8 at a time $47.99 8 Unlimited

Both BB and NF offer 14-day trials. WM offers a 30-day trial. BB also gives you two in-store rental coupons a month, and that has come in handy. From what I hear, Netflix has a better selection of obscure titles, but NF new releases are hard to get after your membership honeymoon period.

I've used Wal-Mart's Double Feature plan in the past, and frankly it suited the Joneses' pace of DVD consumption just fine. I don't see the point of getting Netflix unless you need to obscure titles, and their turn-around time does seem to be a day shorter at times. For the cost-conscious, I'd go with Wal-Mart. Otherwise, Blockbuster kinda takes the cake on DVD rentals so far, especially since I live in 20 miles from a BB distribution center.

There's no way for me to gain from referring you to these services (that I am aware of), so consider this an impartial opinion.

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