Friday, May 20, 2005

Driving Games

We've been trying to do as much as possible together since the day we were married (eight years, three months ago). The sheer quantity of time we spend basking in our mutual company has led to the development of several silly games. Most of these games were developed at random intervals within the confines of our fuel-efficient Honda Civic(s). Let's see... there's Silly Songs, Cardiff-by-the-_____, (Squ)eek Toy, Finger Wrestling, Poke!, and of course the obligatory Alphabet Game.

Silly Songs: This is where one of us hijacks a well-know tune and either presents it in silling sounds, or put silly words to a tune, or take turns making up a tune. I imagine everybody else does this too, but I'm egocentric that way.

Poke!: A game elegant in its very simplicity, Poke! is where we warn the other of an incoming index finger, usually aimed at the stomach or the ribs. The object is to either successfully poke the other person's side or to block such at attemp. Note that attempted pokes are (usually) preceeded by an audible alarm from the poker. Cathy's "machine-gun poke" inspires fear in the most seasoned pokee.

Finger Wrestling: Wrestling came out of Cathy's imaginative mind. One day, I was antagonizing her with pokes of my finger and she began to pretend her hand was a living bodyguard. We imitate Hong Kong-style Kung-Fo movies when "fighting" with our hands, flying around and "kicking". Cathy's fingers tend to get my my fingers in a choke hold. Her finger "body slams" are quite impressive!

(Squ)eek Toy: This happens only when I drive. I will often pat Cathy's hand or knee affectionately. One day I hit a ticklish stop on Cathy's knee and she exclaimed, "Eek!" I spent some time attempting to map out the "eek-able" spots. Now I will occassionally press an "Eek Button" and Cathy will dutifully say "Eek," regardless of whether it tickles or not. If I press lightly, she "eeks" softly; she also varies the octive and volume, which makes for quite a fun game. I confess that I enjoy this game more than she.

Alphabet Game: I assume everybody has played this one... Players must spot and jell out each suceeding letter of the English alphabet and cite the source. Example, "'x' in 'Exit!'". The letter "Q" is the worst! There's never a Dairy Queen or a B-B-Q around when you want one.

Cardiff-by-the-_____: This one only occurs when we drive down to San Diego. There is a city named Cardiff-by-the-Sea (yes, the hyphens are part of the name). Cardiff-by-the-Sea is
"a shoreline community within Encinitas, a city of over 60,000 people lying about 25 miles north of San Diego and 95 miles south of Los Angeles. The moderate climate, two miles of Pacific coastline, and world-class surf drawrofessional and amateur surfers from all over Southern California and beyond."
Anyway, on one long trip I got bored and began reciting passing highway signs. Cathy read "Cardiff-by-the-Sea" and I said "Cardiff-by-the .... Lake!" Thus began a competition to think of as many words denoting bodies of water as possible. Both running water and standing water are permitted, and formations need not be naturally occuring (e.g. Cardiff-by-the-Dam).

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