Saturday, May 14, 2005

El Monte and The Full Monty

We did not know what a monte is, so Cathy and I were wondering what "El Monte" means. Del Monte cans tomatoes, I know the owners of El Monte RV...

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After I thought about it, I realized that "Monte" may not be related to "the full monty" as they are spelled differently.

Anyway, monte means "mountain" in Spanish. I suppose I should have guessed, since there were so many mountains around, and nearby cities are also named after mountains.

"The Full Monty" probably came to denote nudity due to the 1997 movie The Full Monty. The phrase probably derived an equivalent meaning of "everything" (like "the whole enchilada") from a gambling game (scam?) named monte. The funny thing is that "the Full Monty" originally meant "maxed out of resources" or "16 megabytes of memory" since the standard IBM clone with an AT- or ISA-bus cannot access more than 16 megabytes of RAM (this is a very old PC, by the way).

There's some computer trivia for you... :-)

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