Friday, May 27, 2005

Warning! Domesticated Male Ahead!

It is not likely you will ever again read an adult male gushing about his new vacuum cleaner. Here's your chance, because I got a new vacuum!

Yes, that right... I do the vacuuming around the house. I am your atypical domesticated American male. I even do the dishes, exclusively. Cathy insists upon performing laundry duty, however.

We bought a Hoover EmPower "Pageant Blue" from Costco and it comes with a Bagless Flair Stick in an attractive, mustard color. Both units are bagless, so that's a new experience for me. I have not attempted to clean the removable chamber yet, so the utility of a bagless vacuum remains to be seen.

I love the Flair Stick! While both units have a "bare floor" mode, my previous experiments with "bare floor" vacuuming resulted in flying debris, kicked across the room by the powerful, 12-amp brushes. The Flair Stick, though, stops the brush for the "bare floor" mode, and I haven't swept since we bought it! It's very handy for quick pickup jobs and for the tiled kitchen floor. I used to sweep the area around the cats' litterboxes, but now I just vacuum it with the Flair Stick.

Another thing I like about the Flair Stick is the ability to get under furniture. I can turn it 90° and get right underneath the bed and the dresser. No more moving the furniture around! And it has a convenient eyelet in the handle from which I will hang this unit, tucked away in a corner.

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