Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hacking Blogger with Expandable Posts

I am having fun playing with Blogger and expandable posts. I wanted to know how to shrink the posts so that people could look through the blog and tell at a glance if they are interested in a particular entry. So I followed "Hacking The Blogger Matrix" to find directions on how to create expandable post summaries using CSS. It is not automatic, but I do not want to rely on JavaScript, which the "show/hide links" method requires.

Problem is, the "read more" is showing up where it shouldn't, like every post. *sigh* UPDATE: I hacked a bit more and fixed that problem, but create another one. After more hacking... I finally added "Display Entire Post" in the footer. :-)

Anyway, you can check out the May 2nd post off the May 2005 archive page to see what I mean. Let me know if you like this, or if it just wastes your time by making you click on "Display Entire Post"

In the (near?) future, I plan on splitting this blog vertically. I'll be posting all the "Keeping Up" and "cute cat" posts on the left, and the "computer news" and "deep thoughts" on the right.

Updated 12:59 PM 5/4/2005
Updated 5:22 PM 5/4/2005

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