Thursday, May 26, 2005

Working with Young Geeks

I did a server migration from SCO OpenServer (a flavor of UNIX popular with businesses like Wienerschnitzel) to Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition on Wednesday. The client introduced me to a couple twenty-somethings and announced that they would be helping to administer the network.

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My initial encounter with them resembles this Dilbert comic:

Man... was I ever that young and clumsy around computers? Experience counts for more than you would imagine, since these guys understood everything I said to them (or at least seemed to understand).

They ran all the cabling and helped cludge together a T1 connection for the network, so they have more than average knowledge. Yet they had a difficulty executing and had a loose grip on the "big picture"...

It was amusing when one of them had to leave for a computer class during the installation. They're good kids... I (believe I) was patient, gentle, not condescending, and even mentoring. I think they'll go a long way with experience and some patience (from the client).

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