Monday, May 09, 2005

Lee Bached It This Weekend

Baching it this weekend while Cathy visits her mom in Arizona... Friday night was pretty bad since I was so lonely I literally did not know what to do with myself. I suppose eight years of marriage will do that to a man.

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I spent the weekend completing honey-dos. Friday night I bought a wireless router for Cathy's home office. I did some laundry and watched the extra features to "National Treasure," which were pretty cool.

I got up early on Saturday and took the car to our old stomping grounds in Ontario for major service. I edited church sermon audio and read a "Cat Who..." book. By noon I noticed that I was pulling at my beard far more than usual, a sign of stress or boredom. I returned home and did all the laundry I felt competent to wash without destroying them.

Saturday evening was the worst. I am completely and utterly lost without my other half; I am so accustomed to doing things we both like that I forgot how to be a bachelor. I visited Chris and Laura briefly then went to the office to upload the church sermon audio. I then watched "Timeline" (O.K.) and "Mortal Kombat" (Ugh... Chris warned me, too).

I had sent the camera with Cathy to her mom's and I must confess that I feel under-dressed without my camera. Upon some extensive cogitation on the subject (I had the time, after all), I deduced what I photograph so much stuff... I have such poor memory, I remember only factual data, but not the tangible existential experience of important events of my life. I could give a dry accounting of events, and the time and date and people would likely be accurate, but there is little emotional impact to my recollections of distant events. This is not so with recent events, mind you. However, my inability to retain emotional memory is likely why I feel so lost without my photographic memory device. If you will, my memory is an archive of factual events, but for the photogenic, emotional aspects, I rely heavily on photographs and other mementos.

Sunday I did not bother going to both churches... What's the point of going to Mother's Day service without a woman? It turns out I missed a sermon from Pastor Randy, but I'll hear it when I pick up the digital recording to process and upload to the web site. By the time Cathy got home at almost midnight, I had done all the dishes, vacuumed, and folded 90% of the laundry.

God is good... and it is good to have my wife back. I am truly incompletely without her, and this weekend helped me realize that more than ever.

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