Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FREE: Do you want a Gmail account?

If you want a Gmail account let me know; I've got 50 invites. Gmail is a mail service offered by Google on an invitation basis. It is not available to everybody (yet). I like it, and you might, too.

Gmail offers free online email with up to 2GB of storage and includes spam filtering. Gmail gives you nine months of idle time before killing your free email, so that's pretty generous. I'm beginning to use it for all my personal correspondance. I've added a link to email me in the sidebar on our main blog page.


  1. Hey - I have a Gmail account too! (And therefore, 50 invites too, I guess.) I really like it. But then again, I love everything Google does. They're the coolest. :o)

  2. You start with 3 invites; the more you use Gmail, the more invites you get, with a maximum of 50. You can tell I don't share much...