Friday, May 06, 2005

Speed up your web surfing with Google Web Accelerator

If you use Google as your search page, you can also speed up your entire web surfing experience with the Google Web Accelerator. As seen on the official Google Blog, Google is now offering a web-accelerator for broadband users. In other words, it won't help dial-up users, but DSL or faster connections can save time! Kind of like the situation Democrat politicians complain about, making the rich even richer, or in this case making the fast even faster.

Here's the idea... Google gives you search results within seconds, right? Now they want to help you find display those results quickly using the Google Web Accelerator(GWA). If you are using a Windows computer and you use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, and your are living in North America, then GWA will speed up your web page downloads.

How does it work? When using GWA, you will actually download a copy of the page from Google's servers. If the page changes, Google will update the page that you download. To speed things up more, Google search will automatically download the most likely choices right away. GWA also involves a other speed enhancements, like compression.

Granted, Firefox users were already enjoying web site prefetches, but this extends the acceleration further. Privacy advocates such as the EFF warn users to be sure cover their tracks, but frankly I'm not worried with Google.

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