Monday, September 26, 2005

Random Thoughts

I updated the post on Vito's First Meal with a video.

I got home early tonight since my Hebrew professor lets us leave after we are finished with an exam; I finished, so I left. That gives me the time that I have lacked recently to make a more thoughtful entry that is not entire devoted to domesticated mammals.

I try to be transparent in my everyday life. I avoid compartmentalizing my life as much as possible; I don't stop being a computer nerd when I am with friends, in school or at church, and I don't stop being a Christian when I'm shopping, at a client or at work. I do try to leave my job behind when I leave the office, but I try to be me, everywhere.

If you ask me, "how are you?", I try to give you a real answer, not just a monosyllabic "fine". As such, when I was asked this morning how my weekend went, I quickly narrated the most pertinent experience of my weekend, which involved reassuring my lovely wife that we would get through her illness together.

My B.A. in Psychology influences my thinking a great deal, often on the subconscious level. When I was related the experience I noted above, I explained the precursors in terms of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In short, people look for basic necessities such as shelter and food before they seek out psychological fulfillment or intellectual curiosities. I think that Cathy's quiet demand for reassurance is both justified and a good sign. Now that her body is getting somewhat better, she actually has the mental energy to concern herself with her psyche. That is a very good thing.

Much to my disappointment, I returned to an empty apartment. I believe that Cathy and her mom have taken Koda (photo) to the vet. It is amazing how much of my comfort at home is tied up with the presence of my wife. Which, I suppose, is why I am blogging right now.

It was a few days ago that we celebrated Cathy's mom's birthday. As Cathy is almost exactly 20 years (19 years 10 months) younger than her mom, when I wished Rhonda a happy birthday, Cathy thought I had miscalculated. She honestly thought she was two years younger than she is (true age withheld to ensure continued attachment of my limbs). But, from what I have read recently, the age gap between Cathy and me should not concern her; it certainly doesn't concern me.

So much of my time is occupied by attempting to learn that I rarely have time to just sit and think. Most of my thinking is done on the road, lying in bed, while showering, waiting in line, painting a wall... you get the idea. When I find myself engaged in an activity that requires only a fraction of my attention, my mind begins to process all the ideas that store up in my brain.

Naturally, I set aside time to think on very specific things. I have set time aside to consider material that I have read and how I can apply my new knowledge. But that is not terribly satisfactory for the most part, as it is simply too task-oriented. I need temporal room for my mind to play. Blogging fulfills that as it allows me to place some thoughts on a more permanent media than my short-term memory, and it allows me to defrag my brain.

I am looking forward to preaching again; my previous endeavors were sincere and empassioned, but they lacked focus and purpose. My recent time in class has given me material for improvment which I desire greatly to employ.

If the Lord is willing, we will finally have the apartment ready for rent. The flooring is finally getting installed tomorrow after much delay. I will then embark upon a rapid construction project of installing cabinates and plumbing fixtures. My mother-in-law has been instrumental in finishing the painting while I have played catch-up last week, and I am truly grateful.

Ah... the girls have returned. Cathy has some Baskin Robbins sundae. À bientôt!

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