Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mom-In-Law Back For A While

For those of you that know Rhonda, my mother-in-law is staying with us again. She moved back to California Friday evening and showed up during my lunch break on Saturday. We get one hour for lunch in my preaching class, and I decided to run home to check on Cathy for a few minutes. While I was home, Cathy said her mom would be dropping off her cats and picking up Oliver. Then she showed up!

The story, as I gathered later, is that my brother-in-law and his best friend drove up to Arizona and moved her back to California. They got going late, and they ran out of time and had to unload Rhonda's stuff in Palm Desert before all the storage places closed.

So mom (Rhonda) heads up on the mountain to Idyllwild, where there are camp grounds, but all the campgrounds were full. She ended up sleeping overnight in her car with her two cats. The plan was to camp out for a month while she got a job and found a place to live, but that did not work out.

In order to give herself a small measure of security, she wanted to pick up our dog. Also, since the cats would be cooped up in the car, she wanted to drop them off with us. After hearing this story, we invited her to stay for the month instead of camping.

Rhonda was soooo happy to hear that, since sleeping in her car really kinda scared her. So, she's with us right now. In fact, we just gone done eating dinner. We've cleared some space in the office and I've moved all my tools and the shelving into the tool shed.

I think having Cathy's mom living with us for the month that Cathy is on disability is providential. If these things were going to happen anyway, mom being homeless and Cathy being on disability at the same time is actually quite convenient. Rhonda has a place to stay, and Cathy has company and some help around the house. Is God good and wise, or what?

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