Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What a Privilege

I had taken the day off to work on the apartment remodel, but the rain and lightning is preventing me from painting or replacing the electrical outlets. I suppose God wants me to focus on my new preaching class and my Hebrew midterm.

I was at the library for a couple of hours today, perusing commentaries and other reference materials. Several times, as I was moving between rooms of the library, I noted that the walls were inscribed with Scripture and was nearly moved to tears. It hit me again as I was reading a sermonic commentary, and again as I left the library.

Previously, the reverence I felt before preaching struck fear in me; I know I am inadequate for the task. Yet today, as God made time for my training, my fears and my anxiety were replaced by an assurance of God's providence.

I am being prepared to do a grand thing, to preach the Word of God! How awesome a task to prepare for! I feel unworthy, and therefore priveleged to be called to preach.

I feel like crying again. Back to studying.

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