Thursday, June 23, 2005

Transact-SQL Backup Scripting

Boring technical stuff ahead...

Lord, have mercy! I just spent the entire day trying to update the SQL backup script we use at work. Since I wrote it, hardly anybody else around the office understood it.

I finally decided that the end user must be able to read the backup log and understand, at a glance, whether their backup worked or not. That took me a long time to do, but I finally managed to get a summary report that makes sense. It simply states "suceeded" or some other state with no further details. Frankly, I'm glad if most clients check their backups at all; I do not really expect them to read the backup report beyond the date and the status.

Previously, my coworkers would come get me everytime we went to restore a client's database since they did not understand the backup mechanism. I'm going to teach our in-house tech class next week, so I'll be planning on explaining how the restore works, and how to check the backups.

Next: automatically emailing the backup log to an end user from within Microsoft SQL Server; ugh!

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