Monday, June 20, 2005

Outlets and Fathers

I spent part of the weekend replacing the electrical outlets and light switches in the house. I went for the decroative, flat light switches and the traditional white power outlets. The wiring in our apartment is so screwy that there is no consistent color coding, and sometimes the obvious hot wire is actually the return. Well, if you are going to play with electricity, just turn off the breaker and be careful! Cathy likes the new outlets and the bright white covers, so all the work paid off!

We finally got prints of our wedding photos, but I've been so busy I haven't checked out the digital scans of the negatives yet. Cathy seemed to be happy with some of our prints, although Costco did mess up the order... guess I'll be going back this week.

I got to talk to my father this weekend, all the way over in Taoyuan, Taiwan. You can think of Taoyuan like the Ontario, CA of Taiwan. Man, cell phone technology is great... I'll probably never change my cell number just because my family has it and calls me infrequently. I can't believe my dad is 70!

We also got to talk to my father-in-law... I really love that guy! After we ran out of truly meaningful things to say, he told me the joke about Billy Graham and the Chauffeur. What a guy!

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