Monday, June 27, 2005

Geeks and Nerds Are Better

One of our conversations about wedding photos grew into a discussion of how geeks make superior boyfrieds. I just got our wedding photos digitized and printed at Costco, right? While the resolution is not quite what I asked for (I'm hoping they'll make it right by re-scanning the negatives), we do have our wedding photos now. We got one CD with each roll of film, and during the course of explaining to Cathy why I was unsatisfied with the scan resolution of our photos the conversation turned to our early years of marriage and our engagement.

Cathy lived a very different life before she accepeted God's offer of forgiveness and rescuing from the sin that entangles all of us. As such, she knew some people who had also left an entirely different life behind to embrace the good news offered by Jesus Christ. Some of these friends are girls, and one of them was a bridesmaid.

Cathy brought up a conversation that these two ladies had while planning our wedding; apparently, they both thought that geeks would make better boyfriends. That is to say, they concluded that they used to think "bad boys" made for interesting boyfriends, but not for extended periods of time. For the man who is husband material, reach for the geek.

Naturally interested (I am a geek), I asked Cathy for some specifics. She indicated that your average geek would be interesting, interested in his woman, likely more intelligent, able to cope with true intimacy, and be a caring, concerend provider who intended to grow old with the woman who loves him. I added that geeks also had the advantage of holding successful, stable jobs; apparently that did come up in converstaion but was overshadowed by the interpersonal aspects of geek-girl relationships.

Coincidentally, the New Yord Daily News noted why some women select nerds as hubands (printer-friendly) and the benifits of doing so. Cathy doesn't wear t-shirts, or I would get her one of these (photo).

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