Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Internet Cafe

Here's my first experience accessing the Internet from a cafe. OK, not a cafe per se, but a sandwich shop in Fullerton.

Cathy and I went grocery shopping and went a little out of our way to Fullerston. There's a diner named "Lee's Sandwiches" so we decided to stop on in. Very interesting food... Vietnese influence + French baguettes meets Subway.

Anyway, for every buck you spend, they give you five minutes of Internet access. That's a very interesting business model! So, I figured, "hey, I think I'll blog that!" It would certainly have a draw on me if I had to eat lunch around Fullerton on a regular basis. They subscribe to ICU, which offeres Internet Cafe access on a timed basis.

It is interesting how many people walk up to these LCD screens and poke at them, then walk away. If I do open a diner, I will have to keep this in mind!

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