Thursday, June 23, 2005

No Time!!

I have had absolutely no time recently! Our personal web site,, is terribly outdated; it just redirects to the blog for now. I had plans to install my own web photo album (to get away from possibly objectionable materials on some other photo sites) and to my this blog over. If Blogger doesn't get categories soon, I'm gonna scream, or write my own (but I don't have time).

At home, I am struggling to keep up with the cats, the remodeling, the dishes... whew... I need a vacation! Cathy is just as tapped out... I think tonight we'll take a break and watch a movie... maybe "Hitch" starring Will Smith.


  1. Did you watch Hitch? MICAH and I really liked it. We especially liked the Featurette about the whole dancing scene. We were CRACKING UP! The Slow Thriller... That's just great comedy!

  2. Yeah, actually, we did see Hitch. I really enjoyed the subplot of Albert and Allegra, and we like nice, tidy endings.

    I've always thought that anything worth my love is worthy fighting for, so I found the final scene where Hitch chases down the Mini Cooper to be very romantic.