Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Interesting Weekend

Oliver gets a new accessory... a nice shopping trip... Cathy & I spent a relaxing evening withough the benefit of electrical power...Cathy and I went shopping this weekend. We went to several markets geared toward the organic lifestyle, and we went to CostCo, too. We actually had a great time shopping; somehow, I was unusually jolly.

I like to think I have the superpower known as "observe the obvious", as demonstrated by this photo...

When I asked why I would purchase this bar of soap, I was offered a coupon. :-)

The VZs gave Oliver this nifty doggy harness. He loves it, and Cathy prefers the harness due to the ergonomic nature of this form of restraint.

We did not have electrical power from Sunday at nine in the evening until 7:35 Monday morning; all other forms of power in the Jones family, such as cuteness and cerebal clarity, remained constant during this period.

It was a peaceful night. I had previously read a book, "Better Off", which touted the benefits of rejecting artificial and techonolical means of extending our dialy activities, from transportation to daily work and even to light sources. The author advocated allowing the circadian rhythm of day and night to regulate our waking and sleeping, as well as our working and playing.

Cathy went to the store to purchase some conventional collections of wax with a compustible nylon centers in order to shed light upon our (seemingly more so) humble abode. While she was away, I began to realize an enjoyment of darkness; there was a peacefulness to having no lights to hide the moon and the stars. The dog and cats didn't mind it a bit, and human activity seemed subdued. As I basked in the quiet, I relaxed. It was rather romantic and calm-inducing to go about our evening by candlelight. It was also invigorating in a fundamental way to master the element of fire and harness it for illumination.

I slept rather well Sunday evening, and rose early with the sunrise to deal with traffic.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and having a glance into your lives. Interesting thought on the lights and the pictures are great!