Monday, April 25, 2005

Camping Trip at Lake Casitas

We went camping at Lake Casitas this weekend with the extended family. Sativa just had her birthday, so we were celebrating...We went camping at Lake Casitas this weekend with the extended family. Sativa just had her birthday, so we were celebrating. Our friend Heather agreed to check in on the kitties, and Cathy and I took Oliver with us. Due to Oliver's tendency to get car sick, he rode shotgun both there and back. We made quite a sight: a man driving his dog and chauffeuring his wife. :)

For those who do not know, Adelle is Cathy's aunt, Michael is her son, and Sativa is Michael's newlywed wife. Jenni is Adelle's daughter; Scott is her boyfriend. Pretty much everybody else that came is related to Sativa.

We left Friday at 7 p.m. and arrived after 9 p.m. to set up camp in the dark. Our good friends Mike & Heather allowed us to use their giant tent and their inflatable mattress, so Adelle got to use the smaller tent we brought along. It was pretty cold that night, and the mattress has a slow leak, so we found ourselves huddled together in the middle of the mattress in the morning. Poor Oliver was pretty cold.

Before they she for Florida, Yvonne gave us her collection of patriotic Beanie Bears to pass along to Adelle. She was quite happy to receive them! We also passed along a wedding present to Michael & Sativa. Hmm... maybe we should begin a delivery business.

They other guys decided to go fishing. Since I'm not much of a sportsman, I went on a hike with the ladies to the river. I got a nice shot of the Lake while we were hiking. We quickly tired of our 3-mile hike, and fortunately Robby predicted this and picked us up and drove us the rest of the way in his pickup.

Once we got to the River, Cathy & I attempted to persuade Oliver to venture into the water and behave like a normal, doggedly dog-like dog. You see, Oliver does not want to stick his head out the window when we drive, and he is not interested in the least bit in romping through shallow water. Go figure. I lead Oliver out onto the water, and Cathy coaxed him to go to her. After a little coaching, Oliver did have some canine fun. Everyone else got right into the action, including Sativa's dog, Bullet. We decided to down to the docks from the river and meet the guys as they brought the boat in.

The big barbeque was planned for Saturday night, and we had several hours to kill. We all headed back to camp and played cards for a while. We always bring Cathy's stunt kite along, and she figured we should give it a try. Sativa, Cathy & I went to the picnic site by the docks to catch some stronger winds. Michael brought Brenna and her son Bryce to join us later on, and here's a photo of Cathy attempting to assault Michael with the kite.

Heavy rain was predicted for Saturday night. I saw some ugly clouds move in and got ready to dig a trench. Cathy pointed out that we would be packing up wet gear if we stayed until morning. The plan was to wake up Sunday and head straight home, so we decided to avoid the wet gear and packed up at dusk.

It was a big cookout, and a fun time was had by all. Sativa received a DVD of some 1.5 GB of their wedding photos, numbering 693 individual pictures. We copied those photos to our laptop, and Sativa ran a slideshow of all the photos three times in order to show everybody the wedding.

We left at 10 p.m. and arrived home a little past midnight. The cats greeted us at the door; after my self-inflicted twenty-four feline fast, I did not realize how much I missed my little girls! It was good to be home. Boy did we sleep well that night!

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