Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cookie Monster watches what he eats, and so are the Joneses

Here's an interesting article at CNN. Apparently, the Cookie Monster has learned that "a monster does not live by cookies alone." I suppose parent everywhere should be happy... although somehow it seems silly to me.

On a similar note, Cathy has decided that we need a more structured regiment for our daily diet. Stay tuned... I may soon be reporting "cool fact #2" items myself.


  1. Cool! We can encourage each other! Jenn and I are "accountability partners" in weight loss. We just keep each other accoubtable re: what we eat, when we exercise, etc. She's such an encouragement to me because she's at her goal weight and maintaining it! I'm up to 8 pounds lost! Whooppppeeeeee!

  2. You know, it'd probably be good if I start weighing myself... right now, all I know is that I'm down a pants size.