Monday, April 04, 2005

A blesssed weekend of friends, food & felines

RV trouble for friends... Cathy making progress with depression... the cats are settling in... Lee feels insignificant, and blessed...We checked with our friends, the Van Zwienens, and they are partially arrived in Texas. They had a little RV trouble, so I'm now fairly confident that our Florida trip will be late in May.

Cathy and I had the pleasure of dining with our friends this Sunday after church. A combination of St. John's Wart and a short sleep cycle due to daylight saving time (that's right, no "s") caused Cathy to have a short but sleepless night. She was quiet; I slept through her insomnia.

Cathy is dealing with fatigue and depressing thoughts via excercise, supplements and (together now) devotions with me. We're reading the Gospel of Luke to each other. It's neat how you come across new discoveries reading to each other.

Our "kids" are doing great! Malachi is behaving more like herself now. Oddly enough, Zechariah has started playing with Fanny Mae! This is absolutely amazing, since Zachy-Pooh always kept to herself prior to her surgery. She is truly recovered now! Cathy pointed out that we have a cat for every room. Zachy-Pooh prefers the living room, Malachi likes the office, and Fanny lounges on the bed. I feel very blessed. Considering that our combined lives are still an insignificant speck in the history of the world, let alone the universe, I feel truly blessed.

Speaking of feeling small and insignificant... I get introspective and look to the stars when I start feeling small. Here's a beautiful photo of the blue marble we spin around on from NASA's Visible Earth site.


  1. I completely forgot about the no "s" in Daylight Saving Time! I guess old habits are hard to break. :o)

    On another note, I didn't know you had another kitty - Fannie Mae was her name? She's very cute!

  2. Yup! We've got three little girl kitties and a boy doggie. They are all growing up, though! *sniff*