Friday, April 01, 2005

Cats, Remodeling and Devotionals

One of our cats, Malachi, has gotten really skitterish these last few days. I think something scared her while she was in the living room, because now she won't hang out in that room. She'll only ride on my shoulder through there. I managed to coax her out of the bedrooms when I got home, but she only hung out in the kitchen until some noise sent her running back to the bedrooms. Just a few minutes ago I got her to sit near me in the living room, but another cat rustled a paper bag and sent Malachi running for the bedrooms again.

I am usually quite content with my life; I suppose even now I am, except that I am a little stressed out. The remodeling is still far from complete; we don't have counters (and won't for at least six weeks), we don't have a kitchen sink (doing dishes in the tub), we don't have a shower (we take baths since the bathroom walls are incomplete)... argh!

It usually doesn't bother me. As long as my loved ones are safe and happy, I tend to be quite happy, myself. But I am becoming more convinced that Cathy cannot bear to stay employed one minute longer than necessary, and I cannot change that right now, or even for a couple more years. If she survives the two years, then maybe we can move to Georgia or something, and Cathy can quit working outside the home.

As a matter of fact, one day this week I work up singing a little ditty:
(to the tune of Down in the Valley)
I love my kitties
I love my wife
I love my doggie
I love my life

These are my kitties
This is my wife
This is my doggie
I love my life

Cathy and I started reading the Bible to each other in an effort to draw closer to each other and by drawing closer to God. Neither one of us like the pre-formatted devotionals, so this seems like the best idea. I wonder what other couples do for their quiet times if they don't want to follow a devotional?

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