Thursday, April 07, 2005

Check out satellite photo Google Maps!

Now this is cool... now has a new "Satellite" feature.

I already liked the neat overview map they that showed your driving directions from point A to point B, but now you can get a satellite photo view instead of a computer rendered map. That's cool because you can zoom in to your destination and note some landmarks near point B.

I was already considering using Google Maps as my default mapping engine (I am quite fond of MapQuest as well), but now I am truly sold.

For someone else's take (they were also impressed), see this page.

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  1. The satellite map thing is SOOOOO cool! Did you look at your house and all your friends' houses like me? (I know, I'm a dork!) But I looked at Darrick & Jenn's (before I even finished reading your post, so we think alike, my friend!) and I couldn't zoom in as much as I could my house. I got to thinking that it was probably because it is a military base and they don't want terrorists and the like to get such a good view, huh? Pretty cool.

    Thanks for the info! (That's part of the reason I like reading your blogs - they're chock full of COOL info!) :o)

    See ya later alligator!

    Nicole <><