Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Getting old!!

I'm getting old, I think. Last Wednesday I hurt myself by pulling a muscle in my back. I've been making funny groaning sounds every time I've picked something up or gotten out of a seated position since. Cathy's been patient and understanding, except for one incident.

I found a blond hair in my moustache on Saturday and showed it to Cathy. She had the audacity of claiming it is a gray hair instead! Suddenly it all came together, and I felt like I got my wake-up call: "you're getting old, Lee" says the message.

I love my job, by the way. It isn't my dream of full-time ministry, but hopefully that will come in the next several years. I'm patient, I'm preparing and I'm waiting.

1 comment:

  1. Lee,
    I have been telling Jenn I am starting to feel like I am getting older but I wouldn't say old. I have a ton of grey hair but that doesn't mean your old just wise remember!