Monday, June 05, 2006

We're Moving

From the "what's up with Lee & Cathy" department... we're moving again. We're not going far, however, just next door.

Apartment 1 of our triplex opened up when two of the girls decided to get married in June. So we made plans to rent it out. The main person we were looking at flaked out a week before the move and we had already turned other people away, so we had no renters. You plan for vacancy, so we were not terribly worried, and then I had a conversation at church that led to our move.

A friend at church asked if I had an apartment open. As a matter of fact, apartment 1 had just opened up. It is for his wife's parents, but they don't need a three-bedroom place. He mentioned his parents might want to move into our two bedroom and suggested we move into the larger unit and make our current available. The only problem is I have not finished our unit yet. So, he suggested the following scenario:
  • The Joneses move to #1
  • He helps me finish remodeling #2
  • His parents move into #2
I told him I would think about it and see what my wife thinks. He'll see what his wife thinks, and we'll talk again. A few days go by and I finally remember this and bring it up to Cathy. She gets so excited about the idea that, regardless of what my friend says, she has her heart set on moving into the larger unit.

The girls that moved out did a pretty good job cleaning, so the effort will be minimal. I'll probably move non-essential stuff tonight (winter clothes, etc) and move in earnest once electricity is restored. I'm not sure about all the utilities, but I'm hoping they all just transfer. We'll see. Hey, who knows... maybe my friend's parents will still move in! That would be convenient...

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