Friday, June 09, 2006

No More Support for Windows 98 and ME

In a post to the Microsoft Security Response Center Blog, Christopher Budd indicates that
support for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Millennium Edition (Me) ends on July 11, 2006, which is the July 2006 Monthly Bulletin Release date. This means Microsoft will end public and technical support on July 11, 2006. This also includes security updates.
Windows XP with Service Pack 1 will also no longer be updated.

Still using Windows 98 or ME? It is really time to move up. Get ZoneAlarm now while the getting is good. Most companies will drop support for Win98 and ME very soon. ZoneAlarm's personal (free) firewall is currently version 6.0 and works on Windows 98 and ME, but their system requirements page indicates Win98 and ME will not be able to run version 6.5.

If you are still running WinXP SP1, it is time to go to Service Pack 2.

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  1. Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that my reaction to this news is somewhere between "About time!" and "Yeah!"