Friday, June 16, 2006

Cathy Very Sick

My poor Cathy got sick again on Monday. It appears to be the same thing she had a couple of weeks ago. I didn't mention it, but she also got an eye infection.

Last night, Cathy was coughing so hard she got violently sick and threw up several times throughout the night. I'm pretty sure she didn't get much sleep. I ran to the store twice to pick up progressively stronger cough/throat medication. Finally, the numbing spray gave her enough relieve from the cough that she could at least sit still.

I hate feeling helpless. I prayed, but I wanted to take the suffering away myself if possible. I asked God for mercy, and He did allow her to sleep rest. Please pray that she'll get some rest this weekend!


  1. Fresh Start and "all the kitties of the universe" are praying for her. I'm glad she only has 2 more months of shots and then she can live "happily ever after". I'm very sorry she has to go through this!

  2. Is Cathy feeling better? Those stupid shots cause a lot of problems. But when they add years to your life, it makes it all worth it.
    Our prayers are still with you!

  3. praying for Cathy! I've been dealing with a similar cough that allows little sleep. I'm sure Cathy doesn't need that added to her plate. Your presence is more help than you realize Lee. May God move swiftly!

  4. How are you guys doing? I haven't heard from you guys in a while...

  5. Thank you for praying! She finally started getting well on Friday the 23rd, when she slept through the night! I'm almost well, now, so we'll soon be sharing a bed again!