Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Burned My Hand!

Ouch. I was rushing off to class this morning, trying to cook breakfast and gather my stuff. I'm on the Atkins Diet now, still doing Induction, so it is just meat and salads for me. Fortunately, that includes bacon!

So I was cooking bacon, rushing around the kitchen, and Malachi (I love her) jumps on my shoulder, and she doesn't want to get off. Somehow, I end up spilling hot bacon grease on my left hand! I ran it under cold water, but I didn't have time to treat it properly. So I grabbed a bag of frozen broccoli, the first aid kit, my food and my stuff and rushed off to class.

I applied what first aid I could to my hand during class. The grease had gotten between the fingers, so it made taking notes painful. About 30 minutes into the class I called campus safety and asked if they had a better first aid kit, and they do! A thick guaze saturated with burn cream and some bandaging later, I went back to class.

UPDATE: My hand is going to be O.K. There was only a small spot between my index and middle finger that got missed and blistered.

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