Friday, June 09, 2006

Mostly Moved In

We're mostly moved in now. Moving from one apartment next door isn't nearly as difficult as moving across town.

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At this point, we have the bedrooms and bathrooms moved, and part of the kitchen. This weekend, after class, I'll move the office and living room. I'm hoping to rent an appliance dolly to move the fridge and oven.

The cats have settled in O.K., although Malachi is still freaking out a little. We will have to be careful to keep the cats indoors for the next two weeks until they think of this new place as home.

On the plus side, the place is bigger, and that gives Cathy's mom a room and a bed (she was sleeping in the office). And it is nice to be able to shower again instead of taking baths. On the down side, we put in much nicer flooring (thicker carpet pads and better tile) and counters in the other apartment. Oh well.

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