Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yow! So Much Going On...

Well, I've been too busy to sit down and play with the computer. For those of you that emailed and called, I'm sorry I haven't been online for instant messaging, either... I had a Hebrew exam, a sermon to write and deliver, some after-move-in maintenance on the first apartment... and Thanksgiving, of course.

The first apartment was rented out to four students last month. There was the obligatory last-minute rush to get things done, and thankfully it all got done in time, except for the blinds we ordered which were back-ordered. I finally got the blinds the day before Thanksgiving and installed them that weekend.

The week of the November 21st led up to Thanksgiving, and I have to say that there are many things I was thankful for. I am very thankful that God brought Cathy's mom, Rhonda, to stay with us. She's been a great help during Cathy's convalescene, and she put a lot of work into the apartment remodel, as well. I am thankful the apartment got rented out (whew) finally. I am most thankful for the news we got the day after Thanksgiving... the test results show that Cathy's shots are taking effect and her Hepatitis C will very likely be erradicated by the treatment!!

The day before and the day of Thanksgiving I put up the home entertainment center. I hung the screen and set up the projector, and we watched LOTR 3 - The Return of the King after Thanksgiving Dinner. That weekend I hung the blinds in apartment one, then in our apartment. I then cleaned out the garage and made room for the car, so Cathy can park indoors now.

Big changes at work... I was asked to switch departments about 4 months ago. I tentatively accepted, then decided to back out; the bosses seem to have understood. Now that department has lost a key person, so they are severely short-handed. We'll be hiring for that position soon, and I'm hoping to recruit a business student from school.

Well, I still have to study for my Hebrew final... more later!

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